Water in the Boat


Ginette Schenk lives on the margins of New York City’s East Village. Her beloved dog Schatzy seems to be all that she has in life.  “Water in the Boat” presents a collection of moments from their daily walk to the park. Days move slowly, autumn turns to winter, as Ginette struggles to smile and keep herself together.

17 minutes, HD. USA
Features: Ginette Schenk, Schatzy
Music Improvisations: Giuseppi Logan
Sound: Elise Bialylew, Ivana Todorovic
Producer: John Bartleby
Cinematographer and Editor: David Gutiérrez Camps
Director: David Gutiérrez Camps

CMJ New York Film Festival
Athens International Film and Video Festival
New Filmmakers New York
Message to Man Film Festival
Rec Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tarragona
VAD Festival
Baumann Festival
Festival de Nuevos Realizadores de Granada
Flint Film Festival
Curtopia, Festival Internacional de Curtametraxe de Vigo
Curt.Doc (Finalist award)