“The railroads have for ever gripped the imagination of those filmmakers who don’t see the camera as a story-telling machine but as an instrument to discover those aspects of reality that one overlooks in everyday life. With the experimental ’175′, David Guttierez Camps films himself into the the tradition of New York independents like Shirley Clarke and Rudolph & Jacob Burckhardt and explores the natural abstractions that present themselves during a subway trip through the Capital of the World. Lights, sounds and visual rhythm unite in a kinetic snapshot, and movement itself becomes a representation of all the things that can happen in five New York minutes.”
Mads Mikkelsen, film curator.

6 minutes, SD video, USA
Sound Mixer: Tim Boyce
Shooting Assistant: Zach Fox
Producer: John Bartleby
Cinematographer and Editor: David Gutiérrez Camps
Director: David Gutiérrez Camps

New Filmmakers New York
Zero Film Festival, Los Angeles/New York
Images Festival, Toronto
Athens International Film and Video Festival
Off Loop Barcelona
Optica Festival