Sotabosc (Undergrowth)


Musa Camara (Mauritania, 28 years old) hasn’t found a job since he arrived to Cassà de la Selva (Catalonia, Spain) and spends his days alone wondering around the beautiful forests and the chaotic residential areas that surround this village. He tries to find pinecones and heather to recollect, which he ends up selling to small businesses in the area. With the tiny profit from these transactions, this young African man lives poorly in a house shared with other migrants. Due to the risks and hardships that these activities involve, Musa sometimes tries to find work in residential areas. Often he also doesn’t know what to do and just wonders around. He lives in the fringes of this 21st century European society, but his job is the oldest one existing:  the wild recollection of nature’s resources. With a slow tempo and not too many words, the camera follows Musa in his adventure around the daily life of a Spain that still suffers the consequences of a terrible housing bubble. Musa fights to survive in a very primitive and very beautiful way. Undergrowth witnesses the collision between this young African man and the Spanish society he tries to integrate to without much success. Luckily, Musa seems to take everything with good spirits: the waters of sadness flow underground.

77 minutes, Spain, 2017.
Cast: Musa Camara, Sambia Diallo, Deborah Marín.
Cinematographer: Aïda Torrent
Written and edited by David Gutiérrez Camps
Producer: John Bartleby, Albert Baquero
Director: David Gutiérrez Camps